For the newbies….

If you’re just getting started and looking for the ‘must haves’ or your basics trust me I’ve got your new best friend.  His name is the Silver Bullet.  I was introduced to this little guy back in college and he’s still my favorite.  I reluctantly bought one at an in-home romance party.  Being that I had never even masturbated before (I’m serious!) I was a little nervous.  The host told me that the bullet was the best starter toy.  So I go back to school the next week and told my 3 roomates about my new purchase.  I lock myself in my room and come out 5 minutes and 4 orgasms later.  I was hooked.  I gave my roomate the bullet to try out (I had to share the wealth!) and she came out a few minutes later grinning ear to ear.  Within the hour we had all tried the silver bullet.  And I know what your thinking….YES it was washed between each use ;-).  So there you have it – the silver bullet is a must have in any toy collection.

Perfect for solo action if you’re single OR with your loved one.  The best thing about the silver bullet is the affordable price.  I found a few options – has one for $21 with 5 speeds, and Babeland has the classic bullet for $15.

Ladies Tip:  He’ll go crazy if you tickle his ‘man tonsils’ with it

Guys Tip: One word – Clitoris


Vibin’ Vixen



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2 responses to “For the newbies….

  1. hahaha!! his “man tonsils?!” man, that’s funny!!

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