Many people ask – ‘How do you bring up sex toy use with a new partner?’  This is a very touchy subject because this could make or break a relationship!  Some men feel incompetent or self conscience and some absolutely love it.  Some women strictly want missionary position and no ‘additional help’.  The first thing you must be clear on is that the sex is AMAZING already (even if that’s a lie).  This just adds some variety and spice into your sex life which everyone could use now and then.  I told Glamour magazine that I bring up sex toy use with a new partner over drinks and light conversation.  As we are casually flirting and hinting towards doing the dirty I bring up my college story (SEE – FOR THE NEWBIES).  If the guy doesn’t dig deeper and ask more questions….it’s safe to say he’s probably not into toy action.  Thank god my honey now LOVES toys and experimentation.  I figured that out the first night he stayed over because I got my huge bag of toys out and sprawled them all over the room…..and he didn’t run!  He’s a keeper.


Vibin’ Vixen


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