Emergency Kit

If you were stranded on a deserted island with your partner what would you ABSOLUTELY need to make it through?  Sexin’ essentials….

1) Cum Clean Personal Wipes (ummm no shower remember??) Under $10 at Racy.com

2) Rocket Balm – it says for his pleasure but I beg to differ.  It’s like an icy-hot feeling that enhances every touch.  I live by this stuff!  For Under $20 you can grab yourself some at Amazon.com

3) Couples Toys – I must say that this blog hit the nail on the head with couples toys which I have linked here.

4) Lube – My boyfriend will not agree with me but my favorite lube is Pjur Bodyglide by Eros.  If you don’t want a sloppy mess, go with the silicon lube because you only need 3 drops….literally.  Make sure that you handle the bottle.  For some reason guys think that a pound of lube is needed.  No.  It is a bit pricey but lasts much longer.  You can buy it at the Pleasure Chest.

5) Sexy Lingerie – I know we’re pretending to be on a deserted island here but sexy lingerie is an absolute essential to keep the spice in your relationship.  Depending on your man your exact type of lingerie will change since all men are different.  First you must ask yourself if he’s an assman or a boobman.  From there you take that body part and SHOW IT OFF!!  I suggest the following brands – Kiki De Montparnasse (for a classy look), Myla (for a flirty look) and if you really want to hooch it up try Spicy Lingerie.  It helps if you find out what your guys fantasy is and play off of that.  If he loves porno chicks – go for the whore getup.  You get the idea….

With these 5 things – you should be SET!


Vibin’ Vixen


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