Couch Sex

Couch Sex is always the best.  Is it because you’re not doing it in the conventional bed?  Is it because your in an upright position that hits the G spot just right?  I’m not quite sure but last night I proved myself right again about Couch Sex.   I needed some new material to blog about so I tried my Go Deep Oral Sex Mints for the first time.  I should have read the fine print on the back first ‘…mildly numbing benzocaine relaxes the throat muscles suppressing the gag reflex..’  My mouth and throat felt like I had swallowed Anbesol. Once my throat was completely numb I went down which led to 69 and a 30 minute romp.  I also brought out Pleasure Chest’s signature vibrator which I had gotten in a gift bag months ago.  Battery was dead.  Luckily I grabbed 2 giftbags that night and I had an extra.  The vibrator was SO strong I couldn’t even use it – think jackhammer on sensitive spots.  My boy had to use his hands which were much better.  In final review of the 2 additions we brought into the mix I would say to save your money on both.  When asking (I’m going to have to give my boy a nickname so from now on I’ll refer to him as COWBOY)…..Cowboy how he felt about the mints he couldn’t even tell a difference!  So I basically tortured myself for nothing.  The vibrator….let’s just say jackhammers don’t do it for me.  The sex should have just been left alone without the toys on this go round.

Lube used: Lure for him – a personal lubricant w/ pheromone attractants Scientifically designed.  I guess it worked!


Vibin’ Vixen


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