Get your singles out for Trinity, Destiny, and Candy

I’ve been searching for fun dates to keep the sexiness in my relationship.  What better way to get both partners flustered than a dirty strip club.  Crazy Girls! We went there last night for their Wednesday Rock night.  Iglu and Hartly took the stage while barely dressed ladies spread their legs and spun on poles.  After snickering for a bit, I got a little turned on.  I wasn’t attracted to the girls – which I was surprised since we ARE in Los Angeles (city of 10’s). Watching them gracefully move across the stage and up and down the pole  gave me ideas for later.  Cowboy must have gotten excited too because we could barely keep our hands off each other and then slipped out the door.  My suggestion – the dirtier the better.  Jumbo’s Clown Room is another good choice – the girls put a quarter in the jukebox before each song.


Vibin’ Vixen


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