Pretty and Pink

I never thought the words cute, adorable, or pretty would ever be used to describe a vibrator.  I was recently proven wrong when I was introduced to the brand Lelo who arguably has the cutest vibrator on the planet named NEA.  For only $89 this pink beauty brings me back to the days of Polly Pocket – it’s less than 40 grams and it’s so tiny that it is measured by milimeters (that’s small).  After swooning over its adorable exterior and beautiful gift box it comes in, I put this puppy to the test.  After 2 hours of charging she was ready to go.  Nea vibrates in 5 different speeds (thank you lord) and can keep on going for 7 hours!  I would definitely recommend buying this as either a gift for yourself or for a newly engaged or married friend.


Vibin’ Vixen


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