Hello Tens!

I am happy to welcome in this new decade of THE TENS (is that what we call it?).

From what I can see – green is the way of the future.  Green meaning non-toxic or free of phthalates and PVCs. Eco-materials to look for include hypo-allergenic thermoplastic elastomer,  stainless steel, glass, ceramic and silicone — so if you haven’t made a New Years Resolution yet this is a small thing you could do to help!

Keep in mind I have not gotten to try all of these yet but I liked their look:

1) The Candy Cane Dildo ‘Don Wands Candy Cane’ – it’s made a of glass and dishwasher safe!  Don’t let the kids get their paws on this not so sugary treat.  AND it’s only $35 – totally affordable.

2) Flexi Felix Anal Beads – this toy I could see taking off the weirdness of the back door entry.  With a cute little face like that in either candy blue, pink or black how do you say no?

3) Beginner’s Gag Ball – juuuuuuust kidding!  I don’t think Cowboy would appreciate this one very much.

4) Blowjob in a Bag (ladies best friend) – I discovered this puppy years ago when I was known as ‘the girl that didn’t go down’.  Let me just tell you that guys like it better than the real thing! Well…..close enough.  All you do is lube it up and go up and down.  Give him 1 minute and he’s putty in your hands.

5) Form 6 Generation 1 by Jimmyjane – on sale for only $69 this looks like quite a deal.  I love Jimmyjanes sleek designs and colors.  It’s like wearing the hot new Louboutin heels compared to last seasons Steve Maddens.  This one is on sale because they came out with a Generation 2 which is a step up – 3 year warranty compared to 1, more color options, waterproof as opposed to water resistant.  Either one I’m sure anyone would be happy with!

Now do your part in helping the environment while getting a little bit of pleasure out of it too.

Happy New Year!


Vibin’ Vixen


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