Agent Vida for Vida Internationale

Vida Internationale is revolutionizing the sex industry! On Wednesday night (1/13/10) they threw a celeb studded event at West Hollywood hotspot Voyeur. I have NEVER seen a turnout like they had including Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) as a host, Robin Thicke as a private performance on the piano and other huge stars came to support such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Connolly, Lindsay Lohan, The Jersey Shore (Fist Pump!), Carmen Electra, Stacey Keibler and the list goes on. The 400 lucky enough to get inside got to see into a whole other world (I’ve been told). There were 6 classically trained ballerina’s topless and choreographed throughout the night – always in different positions from being chained to the wall, crawling across the netted ceiling and being touched by a sexy man (with Vida in hand). The COOLEST part was that there was a HOT woman named AGENT VIDA. They created a whole character to represent the brand – and this event was her first mission. You can find more information about the line here – – I suggest following her on Facebook and Twitter because it is hilarious to follow and maybe we will get invited to the next big bash! Vida Internationale’s company site is All this for a vibrator??? This thing MUST be good! I heard from a representative that they are for sale within the month. I’m definitely in line to get my hands on one!


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