Year of the Dragon

I know it’s a little late for a Valentine’s post but this story is too funny to skip.
So I’m searching for that perfect outfit for Cowboy. He likes red and skimpy so that’s what I was on the hunt for. I got a membership at Trashy Lingerie and couldn’t find anything that would work….don’t know how that’s possible because that place is huge and amazing. They even make custom lingerie! After that I headed over to Fredericks of Hollywood where I found THE ONE. I quickly tried it on, it fit as good as a bodysuit thong could and headed home with my Valentine’s Day outfit complete. A few days later it’s Valentine’s Day and I sneak around into the bathroom to quickly slip into my outfit without Cowboy seeing me. Of course he walked in on me three times until I finally got him put on a movie. When he looked up I was standing there in my new outfit and it was that awkward stare where he didn’t know if I was kidding or not. We both started laughing so hard we were crying because I looked like I was straight out of a Jackie Chan movie. I was too quick at the store and didn’t notice how big the DRAGON was across the bodysuit!! After about 5 minutes of laughing we made our way onto the bed where we were laughing the whole way through!! Moral of the story……you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself???

If you dare —,default,pd.html

Vibin’ Vixen


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