Best ‘By Yourself’ Vibes

I’ve had my share of lonely nights in bed. The majority of those nights I was longing for a boy to have fun with. Until I realized a few vibrating objects that taught me the valuable lesson:  you can have fun without a man.  Brilliant! A perfect night alone, for me, starts off by getting comfortable. I pull out my sweatpants from high school and that tee-shirt that has been washed so many times it feels like second skin. Then I open that bottle of red I’ve been saving for that ‘special occasion’. Turn on some good slow jams and get cozy under the covers. This is when the vibe selection is very important. There is a big difference in using a toy alone and using one with a partner.  My top choices…..
1) Purple Titan
Sorry ladies – this is so old school it’s discontinued.  It totally should have gotten all the credit the Rabbit got.  I’ve tried the rabbit and it doesn’t even hit the right spots….unlike the Titan.

2) Glass Dildo

When I bought my glass dildo I was wondering how this thing was going to get me off.   I was walking on Melrose on a lazy Sunday and stumbled into a store named Crush (which is now closed) and got sold.   I didn’t even try it out for a few months but when I finally did it was worth the wait!  I like using it in combination with a silver bullet.  I really enjoyed the glass because it is dishwasher safe and super easy to clean (just make sure you don’t have dinner guests over before removing from the dishwasher!).  I also like it because you can put it in the freezer to make it nice and cold or you can pop it in hot water to heat it up depending on your liking.

Let me know what you think or if you prefer others!   Happy Vibin’!


Vibin’ Vixen



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2 responses to “Best ‘By Yourself’ Vibes

  1. Jenny

    I want the glass dildo! I always feel a little unsure about what to do with dildos, though. Do I thrust with it, hold it still, push it against my g-spot… What do you recommend for the glass one? I imagine the glass looks sexy going in!

    • Yes I felt the same way about them….what do I do, how does it go in the right way etc? All the same questions you have. My favorite way to use the glass dildo is to combine it with the silver bullet. This way I get the clitoral stimulation along with the Gspot. The glass dildo presses against the Gspot while the silver bullet does its magic….best combo EVER!

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