Come Fly With Me….Let’s Fly Away

A few months ago I got the urge to go ‘fly’ and thought it would be a great date night down at the Santa Monica Pier.  I didn’t know too much about it other than seeing this video on Youtube of Kelly Ripa at Trapeze School –  Much of my pre-college days were spent cheerleading and flipping so I figured it would be fun.

We setup our 2-hour class with TSNY without knowing what to expect AT ALL.  All we knew was to make sure we wore socks and to bring a jacket to keep warm.



From here we met our instructors – Scout, MorningStar and Nick.  Scout told us a few very important facts we must know about flying…..Listen to the caller (Nick who is on the safety ropes), Timing is everything (which I learned very quickly), and HEP means NOW!  Within minutes I had my harness on and I was climbing up the ladder which seemed to never end.  I was the Guinea Pig and the rest of the class was below me watching in anticipation.  My hands were shaking beyond belief because I knew…it was happening.  I reach the top and MorningStar held my harness while I held one hand on the trapeze.  She tells me to lean out completely and that she’s got me – I felt like I was playing the ‘trust’ game from middle school.  It’s so hard to fully trust, especially being that high off the ground.  I wave to Cowboy, tell him I love him incase this is my final flight.  I hear HEPPPP and I jump.

I can’t even describe the feeling – exhilarating, scary, exciting, invigorating, addicting, amazing…..flying.  I knew that I had to listen to Nick’s calls but I couldn’t hear a thing.  I was completely stuck in the moment.  Finally I snapped into reality once I heard HEPPP and jumped off onto the net below me.  Still stunned and shaking from the experience I rolled off the net only to hear a round of applause for me!  Hey – I guess I did alright.  After Cowboy and I shared some kisses, hugs and excitement it was his turn.


He’s an expert….pointed toes….legs together.  I swear he was in a circus act in his former life.  He got his legs up on the first try and ended with a back flip!


After having 10 or so turns we took a break.  Scout told us that we were ready to try a catch!  We sat a few rounds out and chatted like 10 year olds about how cool it was, how scary it was and how cute the other one looked on the trapeze.   About 15 minutes later I was the Guinea Pig again….and the fear kicked in.  We were to do exactly what we had been doing for the last hour but now instead of swinging upside down alone,  we transfer to Scout who was waiting for us on another trapeze?!  There is NO WAY I could do that.

Here I go……HEPPPPPP…..

I did it on the first try and so did Cowboy!!!!

I’m still in shock that I completed the catch!  We were so high on adrenaline that we went next door to Rusty’s for a beer and some food to recap all the excitement that just happened.  After getting home we did more acrobatics in the bed – I have to say, doing the trapeze definitely makes the sex flexible and fun.   I highly recommend this as a date, birthday party or just going solo.  TSNY has 4 locations in the US including New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles so find one near you and check it out!

Lessons are $47-$65 depending on the time of day.

NOTE: You WILL be sore the next day….I’m feeling it now.  It is 100% worth it though.


Vibin’ Vixen


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