House Guests

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE when we have visitors in town.  Our next month is completely filled with visitors though – his dad, my mom, my dad, my best friend.   Since we have an extra bedroom we make sure that they stay with us so we get as much time with them as possible.  How do we get it on though???  Our walls are paper thin and I definitely don’t want our parents hearing us.  In the past we have turned on the music but I’m sure that doesn’t muffle anything (who am I kidding?)  We have also done it in the shower but that is probably my LEAST favorite place to have sex.  Does anyone have some tips for me?  There is no way I can go a month!


Vibin’ Vixen



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3 responses to “House Guests

  1. MrsAdorkable

    House guests reallly suck.
    On my guys birthday his sister was supposed to spend the night… yeah, that spoiled allll my plans. But she ended up flaking like she always does.

    Anyways, you could try to turn a horror movie on.. and semi-loud. The screams are more likely to help drown out any other sounds then music.
    And since I’m assuming the majority of the time you get to be as loud as you want, it could actually be hot to try and keep it in (although I know some people really just can’t.)

    Well good luck!

    • That horror movie trick sounds like a great idea! We couldn’t help ourselves and did it when his dad was here and you’re right it was pretty hot trying to keep it in. I don’t think his dad was looking at me different in the morning either (phew)!

  2. I don’t think Handsome Man and I ever made it through a movie during our college days. As soon as the opening credits were rolling, we were already kissing and rolling, too. They’re great noise-maskers 🙂 Works great at our parents’ homes, as well!

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