Homance or Womance?

When googling the definition of a female bromance I got the answer:

A female bromance is a strong & vibrant friendship between 2 straight women, sometimes also called a homance or womance.

Well this weekend, I experienced just that.  My best friend and old college roommate came to visit me.  It has been years since we had a weekend just the two of us.  Everytime we see each other it’s for a wedding, during a quick trip home or a group trip with friends and/or boyfriends.  We decided to do a Thelma & Louise style trip up the coast to Santa Barbara in a Mustang convertible.  We took the long way up the gorgeous PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and arrived a few love songs and sunburns later.  We chose the romantic B&B on the water to stay which was filled with couples, hot tubs and wine tasting….we fit right in.  After arriving, we checked in and hit the wineries.  Day drinking has never been a strength of mine so needless to say by 9:30PM we were about to collapse.  Being college roomates we felt the need to hit the ‘happening nightlife’ in Santa Barbara (it is non-existant) so we mustered our ways to the shower.  When the clock struck 2AM we woke up a bit intrigued at the fact that we were both completely naked and sharing a bed.  A few questions ran through my head:

1) Why weren’t we out tearing up the town?

2) Why are we naked?

3) Why are we in the same bed when there are 2?

At this point we discovered that we had grown up from the college days……ugh getting older is NOT fun.  The rest of the weekend was similar with lots of girl talk, wine and reminiscing.  I also realized why this woman is my best friend – we just love each other!  It also made me realize why there isn’t a word for women for this feeling….men get Bromance and what about us?!   It’s so hard to find your perfect match in a heterosexual way.  I feel blessed to have found such an amazing friend and compliment to me.

Have you ever experienced a female bromance?  What word do you prefer – homance or womance? Tell me your stories!


Vibin’ Vixen



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3 responses to “Homance or Womance?

  1. My cousin is my best friend. Whenever we get together, we sleep in the same bed, giggle, and talk about her dating life, and my married life. It takes us back to the carefree time of our life, no bills, no stress. But of course the wine and sex talk makes it infinitely more interesting.

    And homance/womance.. I’ll go with the homance. I think it’ll be funnier to say when drunk.

  2. Jenny

    I’m intrigued too that you both ended up completely naked in bed together!!! I had a college roommate with whom I was very close, probably a homance, but we never shared the bed naked together. Tell us more about that!! How did that happend? Was this a somewhat sexual homance? 😉 You left me hangin’ and a little arouse…

  3. No sexual homance that night….sorry ; (
    We have never in our years of friendship did anything sexual believe it or not!

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