First of all, my apologies for the lack of content for the past month.  During my world travels, Cowboy popped the question so of course I’ve been in la la land ever since.   I was not the type of girl who knew the cuts of diamonds or even what hand the ring went on…..but now that I’ve got that rock on my finger things have changed!  Every married woman I see,  I scope out the ring, ask about their wedding and marriage advice.  Once our title went from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiance we have been in what I like to call ‘turbo-love’.  It’s sickening to be around us.  It’s having that feeling of ‘this is it’ and knowing you’ve found your match.  If you’re engaged or married how did it change your relationship once the title was added?


Vibin’ Vixen



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2 responses to “ENGAGED

  1. First off, congratulations!

    Oddly enough, when I got engaged, there was this uncertainty, that I didn’t even know I had, lift away. I guess I was still insecure about the.. security of the relationship without knowing it. I was still guarding my heart, I suppose.

    We also went into turbo-love, and it was probably because I felt that, hey, this really is gonna last and go somewhere.

    One thing I can tell you is, save money on the cake by getting a smaller one decorated however you want, and get sheet cakes to feed the masses! If we got a decorated cake to feed all 200+ guests at our wedding, all they would’ve gotten would be cake.

    • Thank you so much!! I 100% agree about the possible uncertainty…all of that is gone now. You are the 2nd one that told me about the cake trick – definitely taking your advice thnx!

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