Cum baby cum baby baby cum cum

It’s so easy for guys – all they need is a rub & tug and it’s goodnight.  Us females feel the need to complicate life in general, and the bedroom is no different.  We need emotion, attraction, the right mood and every star in the sky to align.  While getting down & dirty I need to be stimulated in at least 3 areas at once….difficult I know.   My combo of choice is clitoris (with the trusty silver bullet), vaginal (with the obvious) and him licking on my nipples.  I have a certain position that always does it too.  I’m on top of him with my feet pulled back onto his legs rather than flat on the bed.   What are your go-to positions or combos?


Vibin’ Vixen



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6 responses to “Cum baby cum baby baby cum cum

  1. Dude

    My lovely wife pretty much prefers that same position, although she’s not too keen on the nipple play (I really like playing with hers when she lets me, rarely).

    Vibin Vixen — Do you feel it’s beneficial to broaden your orgasmic horizons by trying to achieve them in new ways so you don’t have to rely on the same three-point Cowboy assault everytime?

    My wife is truly incredible, so don’t infer that my comments constitute frustration or me venting — but, she does enjoy a very precise way of performing intercourse each time; it’s a method that helps her come, I’m having a harder time feeling aroused when she’s humping my leg for 10 minutes in a ritualistic way. It’s not erotic to me anymore. I want to see more of her, move around, lick her thighs, lightly tug her hair, spank her ass, look into her eyes and feel love. Generally, I’m not hesitant to openly discuss all things sexual with her, but I particularly don’t want to create an issue by criticizing her most reliable way of coming. I want her to have that. I love her. I wonder if there’s a reasonable way to increase some spice, and risk, and variety. What are your thoughts, Ms. Viben Vixem?

    • I guess I’m not alone with my combo then?! Don’t get me wrong, we change it up but that is my ‘go to’. I think it’s definitely beneficial to try other ways!!! That’s part of the fun! As for the leg humping…..why don’t you move her in the position you want as opposed to saying your not aroused. Women love when the man takes charge!

      • I like to make my lady cum through a combo of oral, digital play and nipple stimulation. You have to be ADD or a good multi-tasker to get that all done at once…God has blessed me I guess as it seems to work wonders multiple times.

  2. Yup, on top, with some nipple action.

    It is predictable, but we like to spice it up by trying different positions after I get my kicks.

    Sometimes, I wish I could come like a dude. So easy for them..

  3. Anon Adrienne

    Vixen – I found your blog a few days ago and I want to take you up on your offer on your About page about asking you questions, because I’d love some advice or guidance. Hubs and I have been together for 6 years now and we really do have a great relationship. My problem is my libido has been in a slump for the last year or so. Physically I’m very healthy. I just have such a hard time getting in the mood. So, any advice for getting my engine revved and giving my libido a boost?

    • Hi! Thanks for reading 🙂 I completely know how you feel — sometimes work, stress, kids….life gets in the way of your sex life. Sex is an extremely important part of your relationship and like any other part, it takes work. Some good tips to get yourself in the mood? Sex yourself up — put on those hot little red thongs, get waxed and pamper yourself. You will feel gorgeous and want your man to make you feel even more gorgeous. Another tip — if you’re used to doing the same old things, surprise him (and yourself) with some sex in the kitchen or on the couch. Adding some variety always gets things heated. And finally, toys and ‘stimulants’ always help spice up a relationship!! I suggest Lelo toys, Shunga (mostly edible) and good ol’ silver bullets! Have fun and hopefully one or more of these tips will work. Let me know how it goes.
      Vibin’ Vixen

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