For the last few weeks I’ve been non-stop!  A friend came to visit, trip to Vegas, wedding in wine country and buying  a home.  Busy to say the least!  BUT I’ve been doing a lot of market research for you Vibin’ Vixen readers.  Throughout my travels I decided to play my version of Family Feud.  It is quite the conversation starter I must say!  So the question is…..’What is the MOST COMMON name for Vagina’ and ‘What is the MOST COMMON name for Penis’.

The results were as follows:

VAG (by order of popularity) – Pussy, Cunt, Box, Vajayjay, Gash (eww), and the funniest and most disturbing in my opinion is THE NO NO SPOT.  OK this guy is never going to get laid with a clean mouth like that!!

PENIS – Dick, Cock, Peter, Pecker, Sausage, Rod……..and this list could go on forever.

What are your nicknames for them?


Vibin’ Vixen


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One response to “Nicknames

  1. I don’t use just one nickname – I like to mix it up a bit, haha.

    My words of choice for the vag – puss, kitty cat, cooter, hoo-ha, lady bits

    For the penis – peen, johnson, peter, little guy, member

    There are so many..

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