I know it’s hard to admit because we all want to be the perfect girlfriend or wife to our man.  BUT I know that everyone has done a bit of snooping in their day.  I was in a number of conversations over the past few weeks that admitted just that.  One woman’s snooping left her single!  She was on the computer after her man and checked the ol’ history (how did he not cover his tracks?!).  She was disturbed to find what he was searching…….CAMELTOE.  She dug a bit further and he also googled HAIRY PUSSY.  She thought ‘well mine is shaved and I definitely don’t have cameltoe so what is he looking for’?  Not being able to bring this up to him directly (because then he would know about her detective work), her anger just built up until the relationship ended.  She told this story to Cowboy when she was out to visit and it seemed my lover wasn’t as honest as he claims to me because he had googled CAMELTOE too!   I guess it’s a ‘guy thing’ and they all like to go to these sites to get a good laugh.

Go if you dare —;

Ladies – the moral of the story is DON’T SNOOP!

What have you found while snooping?  I know you’ve done it!


Vibin’ Vixen



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2 responses to “Googleability

  1. I have inadvertently snooped. You know how you type an address into the bar, and it gives you previous addresses that correspond with the first few letters? Yup.

    Except I called The Husband over and was like, “What’s this honey?”. He got all flustered and embarrassed by it, but I just laughed at him.

    We’re pretty open about stuff we find. I called him over and showed him the cameltoe website, and he was like, “There’s an actual site that does this?” haha.

  2. Yes – I was surprised to find all of the nasty sites out there! I’m sure The Husband knows of a few too 😉

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