Rock You Like A Hurricane

Cowboy got one of those compilation CD’s of 80’s rock which….well…rocked.  One of the songs on it was Scorpion’s ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’.  After many jam sessions in the car, I decided that IF I were a stripper this would definitely be my song.  I also decided that my stripper persona would be slutty, sexy and a little bitchy.  This was a hard decision to come to because there are so many types of strippers: The Girl Next Door, The Dominatrix, Tattoed, Cute in Pigtails etc.  I didn’t know if other girls even thought about this question.  I’m sure many women have had the idea to strip – hence S Factor but I was curious to see if they had gone so far as to picking a song and a type.   Have you thought of the perfect stripping song for you?  What kind of stripper would you be?


Vibin’ Vixen


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