This man is haunting my dreams.  Cowboy and I started P90X exactly two days ago and I swear if I ran into that Tony Horton on the street I might try to fight him.  We’ve heard all the hype about muscle confusion and how amazing of a workout program it is.  Let’s put it this way….it’s day 2 and I can’t walk.    Needless to say, it kicks your ass.  I’m hoping that I make it the full 90 days!  My real goal is to get my flexibility back.  My cheerleading days of splits and toe-touches are over and I’m hoping that soon I’ll be back to my acrobatic ways (in the bed of course).  I have 87 days of hell to go before I get there but it will come.

To put yourself through misery – http://www.beachbody.com/

What are your thoughts on working out with your partner?  Are you lacking some flexibility in the bedroom?


Vibin’ Vixen



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One response to “P90….die

  1. The Husband wanted to try that!

    Maybe I’ll get it for him for Christmas, haha. We’ll both need it after the holidays..

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