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I decided to post about this since I KNOW there are a lot of questions out there.  Going down on a guy was never at the top of my list of things I wanted to do.  So much that in my younger years I was known as ‘the girl who wouldn’t go down’.  The sad part was, I had a boyfriend (poor guy).  Fast forward a few years and I’m dating in my mid-20’s and realize I have no idea how to suck a mean one.  Luckily I had a male friend who took me under his wing and gave me some dick sucking tips I’ll never forget.  I’m about to share some pointers straight from a guys mouth….so ladies take notes.  Thankfully AFTER I got these tips, I met Cowboy.  Suddenly, with him, my feelings towards  fellatio are the opposite.  I actually enjoy doing it with him.  Some guys just do it for you I guess?!

1) Keep eye contact – I know it sometimes feels awkward or almost like a porno but the guys love it.  After all, this is to please THEM.

2) Act like you mean it – This is very important.  Act like it is the best tasting penis you’ve ever had in your mouth.  Moan, make noises, do jumping jacks…..well maybe not that much….but you know what I mean.  Be confident!

3) Stroke it – While you’re going to town, the guy wants to feel his whole member is under your supervision.  Sometimes the mouth can’t get around the whole thing so stroke the bottom while you’re licking the top.  Think of it like your jerking him off on the bottom and BJ on the top.

4) Don’t forget those balls – Ladies, the balls are a very important element of sex.  Never forget about them.  They’re like the 2 little friends always left out of the game.  While you’re going down, keep your hand underneath them cupping them up closer to where the action is.  Lick them, suck them, make them feel involved.   I also use this technique where I go back and forth between both balls with one finger on each tapping them.

5) Tease – Don’t just jump right into it.  Lick up and down each leg, his chest and basically everywhere as close to his sweet spot as possible.  Even better if your breast or long hair grazes by it ‘accidentally’.  When your lips finally get there, lick the balls, then go up the shaft with the tip of your tongue still teasing.  Finally when you put the entire thing in your mouth he’ll go NUTS….trust me on this one.

6) No-No’s – NO TEETH!!  This will scare the crap out of any man!

I’m loving this article written by Nathan about his top 5 Blowjobs!  This will give you some more knowledge on what to do to get in your man’s top 5 list.

I think I have touched on the top 6…I’m sure there are more so please send comment if you have any tips/tricks you want to add.  Share the love ladies!


Vibin’ Vixen

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10 responses to “BJ 101

  1. liz

    love it! i appreciate someone writing this up – i’ll use it as a reference place to send questioners 🙂

  2. Well.. some teeth can be ok I think. Kinda graze it with your teeth, haha.

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  4. The other day I received my first blowjob in several years. I had forgotten just how good they felt. When they are good nothing compares.

  5. Isis Galaxy

    They seem to love licking around the top of the head, especially the spot where the foreskin, if it is no longer, used to be attached.

    Also, if you moan or use your voice or breath while your mouth is in contact, he will feel additional vibrations.

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