Spice it up: Salsa Style

A friend of ours put together a dinner group last night and decided on the lovely El Floridita.  She warned me that it was the ‘real deal’ but when I pulled up to a hole in the wall in a strip mall I was really wondering the legitamacy.  We had a big party of 18 which included dinner and a complimentary salsa lesson (yay)!  After downing a few mojitos, Cowboy and I hit the dancefloor.  The salsa culture is so different from the club scene – the men are respectful and there to actually DANCE.  There is no ass grabbing or grinding which made it so much more sexy to me.  Dancing with my man at an arms distance kept it so G rated I couldn’t help but let my mind wander (especially when he looked so cute trying to salsa).  I was passed around to a dozen other men who spun and dipped me across the dancefloor.  After our lesson, we enjoyed our traditional Cuban meal while we watch some AMAZING dancers.  When I say amazing, this place is the salsa scene in LA!  Needless to say, we could cut the sexual tension with a knife and had to slip out the back door as soon as the check came.

OK this video is a little cheesy but it shows you the basics if you want to try at home?!

Have you taken dance lessons with your man before?  Which type of dancing?


Vibin’ Vixen

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