Celebrity ‘Freebie’

Cowboy and I have an agreement we call our ‘freebie’ where we can pick 1 unattainable celebrity (which is hard since we live in their backyard pretty much) to have our way with if we ever had the chance.  They are our get out of jail free card.  It just so happens that both of our freebies are a real life couple – Josh Duhamel & Fergie ‘Fergalicious’ of Black Eyed Peas.  I think Josh is smoking hot – his body, his face…..I don’t need to explain do I?  Fergie I don’t quite understand the appeal but that’s Cowboy’s choice not mine.  Now let’s just pray we don’t run into them at an event!

Do you and your partner have celebrity ‘freebies’?  If so — who would it be??


Vibin’ Vixen


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