The Perfect Combo

We all know that peanut butter & banana is one of the greatest combo’s ever made.  Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie could possibly be another perfect combination.  I am here today to talk about MY perfect combination I have just discovered: Shunga’s Secret Garden ‘Female Orgasm Cream’and Lelo’s Nea Massager.  Shunga is a new found favorite of mine.  They have a number of products that ooze sexiness and the packaging includes Japanese ‘Shunga’ artwork.  They were even nominated by the world renowned AVN Awards for the best packaging!  Their line ranges from edible body wash, massage oils & candles, body paint, lubes and even lip gloss for going down on your man (a best seller of theirs).  Lelo has been a favorite of mine for years, partly because of how darn adorable their designs are.  Who doesn’t love a little pink vibrator with flowers on it?

In a fluster of eroticism, we dumped out our ‘sexual enhancers’ onto the bed and these two made the final cut and boy was it a fun time.  First we rubbed the orgasm cream on since it needs about 10 minutes to set in.  I was a bit skeptical about this product but I could tell a difference in my orgasm – it was stronger and much longer than usual.  Much more intense!  The Nea was like the cherry on top, silently humming away.

If you want to have a ‘perfect combo’ night you can get both for under $150

SHUNGA – $29.95

NEA – $89.00

Do you have a perfect combination that you have found?  Do share if so!


Vibin’ Vixen

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