Let’s get it on in public

Recently I was thinking back to when Cowboy and I first met.  We were like dogs in heat and couldn’t resist the urge to bang whenever we were within 10 feet of each other.  The most memorable time was when we had sex in the dirty  men’s bathroom at the local pool hall.  We were there to watch the game and I whispered for him to follow me to the bathroom.  It was PACKED in this place…..like a line behind us while we snuck into the men’s room.  He picked me up and kept his balance on the urinal (eww) and we went at it.  Although it was probably the nastiest bathroom I’ve ever been in, it was extremely hot.  Hot like that sex scene in 8 Mile with Brittany Murphy & Eminem (please watch if you have never seen it).  This was completely out of character for me but sometimes a change is good right?  Well we are engaged now so we’re doing something right in our sex life I’m guessing.  I think it’s the thrill of getting caught.  When we walked out to join our friends again it was our little secret.  Fun fun.

Have you had sex in public?  Where was the craziest place?


Vibin’ Vixen

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