The Rules of Engagement

It seems like the holidays are the time to get engaged.  A good friend of mine just called to tell me the big news – he popped the question on Christmas Eve!  Also over the holidays,  Natalie PortmanReese Witherspoon AND LeAnn Rimes were all asked.   And let’s not forget 84 year old Hugh Hefner asking his pretty little 24 year old girlfriend to be his wife.

I’m sure all of these women are in complete bliss right now but being a fiance myself the stress begins to set in after making the first round of ‘We’re Engaged!’ phone calls.  Friends and family set the expectations so high sometimes (not on purpose) it makes it hard to have a ‘low key’ wedding as previously discussed with the husband to be.  Comments such as ‘your wedding is going to be so stylish’ and ‘how big is your ring’ and ‘you’re inviting x, y and z right?’ all starts compiling in your head.  Before you know it, you go from being on Cloud 9 to a mental case.  I’ve been engaged for almost 6 months now, with my wedding 8 months ahead of me and I’ve already had a few meltdowns.  I’m sure the best is yet to come!

If you’re a bride-to-be my advice would be ‘IT’S YOUR WEDDING’ and no one else’s so listen to your heart and do exactly what you want.  You’re the star of the show and your man is the co-star…..that’s it. Another tip is to have sex often because engaged sex is the best!  Especially the night he asks because it really hits you that this is your man forever.  No more games, questioning or break-ups.

Do you have any engagement stories?  Wedding planning dramas?


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  1. Cool post! Holidays are for engagements for sure!

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