Start the new year with a BANG

Some people say eating pork & sauerkraut is good luck, others say black-eyed peas and collard greens.  I say a great lay is exactly what will put you on the track to success for 2011.  OK OK I’m a little superstitious so I also made a crock pot full of pork & sauerkraut for New Years day.  This weekend we finally stopped everything and caught up with each other.   We cooked, watched movies, cranked up the heat and had sex in almost every room. I’m going back to work today completely relaxed and ready to take on 2011.

There is still time to get in a good lay before ‘life’ begins again….so grab your partner and get laid!  Or if you don’t have a partner, get your favorite vibrator!


Vibin’ Vixen


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