ANME Roundup

I never knew the meaning of awesomeness fully until this weekend when I had the opportunity to go to the ANME ‘the show and tell in adult novelties’ tradeshow.  It took place in the unassuming Marriot Hotel in Burbank right next to the airport.  Being my ‘first time at the rodeo’ I had NO idea what to expect and my mind was racing on my way there ….will there be strippers hanging from poles and dildos shoved in my face upon entry??  To my surprise it was very normal and much like the fashion world I live in, switch out designer dresses for cyber-skin ass masturbators.

I scoured the entire show and I bring to you my favorite Adult Novelty Items on the market!!  Drumroll please……

1) Sex in the Shower

This is one of the best inventions I have ever seen!  I am probably one of thousands that can’t find the right position in the shower.   My friend, Housewife Blogger, has a similar time in the bathtub. This dandy invention gives you support for your feet and handles so you don’t slip & slide and/or kill yourself trying to get off.  I can’t seem to have a good time having shower sex since I can’t get comfortable — but with Sportsheets’ genius invention I stand corrected.

2) Fun Factory

I was introduced to this line YEARS ago and always thought their branding was so great and loved the way they made sex toys ‘cute’.  My two favorites that they displayed include the YOOO which is the image that looks like 3 balls.  I still can’t get over the design!  I love it. The YOOO comes in a variety of bright colors (vitamin, candy rose, dark blue and fresh green) and its purpose is to arouse in 2 spots at once whether it be your sore shoulder, nips or the vajayjay.  It even has a turbo booster — woohoo!  The other toy that immediately caught my eye was the COBRA LIBRE because it is finally a toy for the man that prefers not to have a dildo up his ass.  The bulldozer looking toy is a masturbator and is filled with soft silicone that vibrates around him.  Ladies – this is perfect for a night when you’re feeling a little lazy.

3) Kama Sutra’s Coconut Pineapple Intimate Caress Shave Cream

I was lucky enough to get a sample of this from the folks at Kama Sutra!  This isn’t out on the market yet but I can guarantee it will be a huge hit once the stores get it in stock.  The flavor I chose, Coconut-Pineapple, smells good enough to eat!  The purpose of this cream is to shave your intimate parts – it’s made with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Seed Oil to make the erotic zone smooth and sensual.

4) Topco’s Hardware Line ‘Lay Some Pipe’

I thought this was very clever!  Topco, one of the adult industries biggest players, came out with this line called Hardware.  It’s for women that have dirty car garage fetishes:  they like the sweat, grease and engine fumes but now Hardware has brought it to them in a safer way.   No more dirty screwdrivers inside you — now you can use their line to get that same effect.   The photo above is their industrial strength knee pads so no more scuffed knees fellas.

5) The Amazing Hot Heart Massager by Lover’s Choice

This brought me straight back to 1985 when I would use my moms heaters just like Lover’s Choice.  The reusable heater can be cracked an recracked for endless massage pleasure.  You can have it say ‘I Love You’ or ‘XOXO’ – cute Valentine’s Day gift.

6) Baci Lingerie Eyelashes

Baci not only has sexy and affordable lingerie, but also AMAZING faux eyelashes I went nuts for.  They have over 25 different styles from feathers to rhinestones.  They’re only a few bucks each — you can’t beat that!  Their ad campaign and marketing collateral is very high fashion and gorgeous.  They just went through a complete re-brand and I’ve got to give them Kudos because the line looks fantastic.

So these were my favorite finds at the ANME show — I can’t wait to go back next season to see what’s new.  Which product mentioned above are you dying to try?


Vibin’ Vixen



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2 responses to “ANME Roundup

  1. SO jealous!! I wanna go!!

    Although, I’d be scared of the suction.. what if it de-suctioned while I was hanging on like a monkey??

    The little heart massager intrigues me though!

  2. Kris McMichael

    The eyelashes!!! So I could try and unleash my inner vixen!!! And the heart massager also, I like that you can use it over and over again!!!

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