Hot Puss

Are you always shivering or sweating?  Personally, I’m always FREEZING no matter what.  Well….according to men that’s a turn off.  Being a woman, I have my ways to tell if a man is good in the sack before getting to the first base.

1) If he can move on the dancefloor — usually a good lay.

2) If he’s a good kisser, that’s a great sign.  Really slow and romantic, usually means he takes care of your needs in bed.  Fast and slobber all over – run for the hills!

3) And finally big feet, big meat (if that’s what you’re looking for).  For me – size doesn’t matter as much as how he works it.

NOW….the interesting tidbit I found out about how guys judge if a woman will have a good box.  A quality that men consider to make a great vagina is temperature — the hotter the better.  A friend of mine did some research and called a few guys she had slept with in the past to confirm this.  All 3 men she called said that her temperature was steaming hot and they loved it.   How do you know if you have a hot puss you may ask?  Well, going back to the beginning of the post, it depends on your body temperature.  If you’re a woman always bundled in the blankets cold, you may have a cold puss.  For the women that are always sweating and taking off layers of clothes, you are blessed with a hot puss.  Guys are so simple!

So if you have a cold puss like me….start heating things up!  Drink some hot tea, heating blanket or use some help from products such as KY’s Warming Liquid or Wet Warming Lubricant.

I had to share this with all of you because I found it so interesting!  And a little depressed that I had a cold puss.

Are you a hot or cold one?


Vibin’ Vixen


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