Scuba Steve

Anyone see the movie ‘Big Daddy’ with Adam Sandler and find him really hot when he dressed up as Scuba Steve?  Yeah – me neither.  I had dinner with a friend of mine who gushed about her scuba sex when she was on vacation in Mexico.  She’s been taking diving lessons and her instructor was a hottie (and very experienced in underwater sex it seemed).  He had a few signature moves to see if his girl was game.  As he would teach the proper way to blow (the regulator – keep your mind out of the gutter) he would hold her hand and give it a little rub.  If she let him go for it, he would then proceed to a face rub and push her hair out of the way.  My friend wanted this experience (how could you not) and let Mr. Instructor continue to grope her underwater.  Before she knew it, her bikini was pulled to the side and they were full on going at it under 30 feet.  She said it was such a high!  Less than a year later, she went back to Mexico for more.  He did his same signature moves…..they worked again…..but this time they went to 80 feet below.  At this point you cannot get to the surface if your mouthpiece comes out and you can’t see light.  It’s like the mile high club but better!  I asked her if she got to have sex with the guy NOT in the water and she responded by said ‘how do you top the underwater sex?  Anything else would be boring’.

If you’re daring enough to try — SPIKE TV gives you the right positions!

Would you have Scuba Sex if you had the opportunity?


Vibin’ Vixen


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One response to “Scuba Steve

  1. 80 feet below? Wow. Beyond impressive.

    With all the diving gears and diving suit in place as well as the friction when making out in water, I figured out that if your friend manages to have awesome sex, then the diving instructor and her must be…

    really good divers .


    Lucky for her.

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