To Moan Or Not To Moan

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! Last night was quite an eventful one for me.  I hadn’t gotten Cowboy anything so I stopped to grab a card and balloon for him and placed it on our bed along with a few fun little toys including a vibrating cock ring and lube.  He walked in the door with his kids and they all hopped in the shower before we put them to bed extra early.  A few moments later, his oldest son (9) walks out with the cock ring he found in our room saying ‘Dad what is this?  The picture has a man with it vibrating on his pee-pee’.  Cowboy immediately grabbed it and changed the subject…oops.  Did I scar him for life??  Later around 8:30, the kids were tucked away in bed and we start getting our Valentine’s lovin’ on.  Our bed is right next to the kids wall and all I can think about is them being awake listening.  I keep myself quiet but Cowboy on the other hand….he should have just taken a blowhorn to the wall.  Halfway between his glory moment I stopped and blurted out ‘Shhhh the kids’!  I totally ruined it for him but I didn’t want to scar the kids twice in one night.  What would you have done in this situation??


Vibin’ Vixen



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2 responses to “To Moan Or Not To Moan

  1. SexyDad

    This is definitely one of the conundrums while my wife and I are having sex. Thankfully, our kids are still small and nothing wakes them. I’m not much in the way of making noise, but my wife just can’t hold back when the orgasms come. If she holds it in, it’s not as good. If she lets it out, we’re in danger of waking the kids. We’re a little better off than you, as our room is across the living room from the kids, but I know there are people walking behind our apartment that can hear us (we’re only on the second floor).

    On the subject of moaning or not, I encourage it even though it might wake up the children. I like to know that what I’m diong is having an effect on my wife. It keeps me encouraged and excited. I think if your woman isn’t moaning or letting you know she feels good, it’s not good. Women: If you feel good, let him know it; don’t hold it in! Being silent will only encourage him to move away from what he’s doing, which could really ruin it for you.

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