DOES Size Matter?

Hear me out on this one ladies.  I was having lunch not too long ago with a few girlfriends and this topic came up – as it usually does in female conversations.  One of my single girlfriends had a fantastic date that turned into two days including picnics, bike rides, walks on the beach, laughter, romance…..basically her dream man.  She holds out on ‘giving him all the pie’ until the final day.  To her dismay, he was the size of a salt shaker.  Nothing is ever that perfect right?  She was mentally (and physically) over it.  How to break it to the poor guy?  ‘Sorry, your dick is just way too small for my liking….good luck’!

This led us all to talk about past small dicks we’ve had and whether it was a deal breaker or not.  There are 3 components that make or break a relationship: attraction, money and communication.  I swear by this and if any of these 3 are lacking, the relationship in general will suffer.  My friend did have attraction at first but it quickly went away once they had sex.   If she cannot be satisfied she will end up looking elsewhere eventually so it is best for her to end it now right?

I’ve had my share of small dicks….actually my high school sweetheart was below average but I didn’t know anything else and I thought it was fine.  In my case, I was still attracted to him and the size didn’t rank high on my mental checklist of what I was looking for at that time of my life.

A few years ago I met the most romantic guy ever in Las Vegas.  On our first date we slow danced to no music in the middle of the rooftop restaurant at the Paris Hotel in Vegas, followed by him driving me to the desert to fish out of kiddie pool filled with fish that had fortunes inside their mouths.  While doing this he had a CD with songs that had my name in it, and a bottle of champagne.   I mean….come on!  So at the end of the date, I feel like I had to give it up.  Just by him touching my arm, I almost had an orgasm.  After a few hours of foreplay (and multiple orgasms) I reached down for his junk…..not even kidding it was less than an inch.  Even though this guy seemed great in every way, it would never work.  I couldn’t feel him inside me.  I felt horrible, but I knew that nothing would come of it, so that was it for me.

Foreplay is key and also knowing the right positions to do to make it feel larger – doggy style and legs over shoulders.  A lot of times guys lacking size will try to bang really hard to give the illusion they do have a big dick…..please don’t.

I’m a bit indecisive on this topic because it really depends on your personal feelings and what you’re looking for.  For me, it’s all about confidence.  If a guy has a small one but is extremely confident, it almost doesn’t matter.  They won’t feel neglected if you bring in sex toys as aids and they’re open to constructive criticism.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  DOES Size Matter??


Vibin’ Vixen



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4 responses to “DOES Size Matter?

  1. I hope size doesn’t matter. I think I am on the small side of the scale, though I am bigger than an inch.

  2. bobbt

    At least you and your friends are honest enough to say the truth.”SIZE MATTERS”. But really, “salt shaker?” , “1 inch?” ( If I had 1″, I don’t think I’d have the nerve to take it out in front of a woman). They were probably in the “normal” 5-6″ range. Look, if you want to be honest with guys, just tell him up front, “If your not packing 8-10″ of man meat, save your money and my time and move on.”

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