I’ve never heard the phrase ‘batwings’ until I met Cowboy, which is not a surprise because he is pretty raunchy at times…well… all the time.  I wasn’t quite sure what it meant the first time I heard him say it but after learning the meaning it is so obvious.

According to Urban Dictionary it happens ‘when your ball sack gets stuck to the side of your leg, generally happens when men sit down and are sweaty.’

Usually happen’s on a hot day or during a physical workout – “Dude, I got some serious bat wing right now”
Very common at weddings while wearing a tuxedo.
Sometimes can be corrected without even touching the affected area with a simple leg shake. Other times might need to play a little pocket pool.
Severe cases call for immediate fondling of the genital area.

The only reason I ever had the pleasure of learning or hearing the phrase batwing was when I gave Cowboy a gift from a brand called SAXX.  I passed along a pair I had gotten from a friend that worked there and it separates each ball and keeps it away from the leg….NO MORE BATWINGS!!  He thought it was the most brilliant idea.  If you ever need a gift for your man, I personally can say that he will enjoy this over anything else (other than sex).


Vibin’ Vixen


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  1. Callie

    Hilarious! Your blog is fantastic. I hope my email I sent you this morning found you well.

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