3 Relationship Make or Breaks

I’ve got a little exercise for you…..

Think about any relationship you have been in.  Now, think about why it ended.  Guaranteed that the root of the problem was one of the three things below.  I’ve spoken to a ton of girlfriends and this has proved to be right!  If your relationship is OK in these three areas – put a ring on it!  Done deal!  You’ve found a great match!

1) Money — the two of you need to be on the same page in terms of spending, saving, values and your future.  If he makes $10 and spends $15 while you save 80% of your income, chances are things won’t work.  If you can compromise or let one person in charge of the money (aka – put the person who doesn’t know what they’re doing on a budget) you could make it work.  I’ve seen a lot of money issues really tear couples apart.  OR it could be a great bond – if you both are on a similar savings plan.

2) Attraction/Sex — this is HUGE.  The first few times you have sex, you can either feel the chemistry or lack thereof.  This must be strong in the beginning because just think…it will only fade 50 years down the road.  After 4 years together, I think Cowboy is the hottest thing alive and want to jump his bones everytime I see him.  We make sure to have sex at least a few times a week because if you get caught up in…well..life it’s easy to forget about your sex life.  Keeping yourself feeling hot on the inside and out helps with this — go to the gym, eat healthy, keep yourself nice and clean & trimmed down there, and spice it up!  Send sexy texts throughout the day, throw them up against the wall when they least expect it and strip them down….you get the gist.

3) Communication – this is something we were sure to do right from the beginning.  With all life throws at us, it is hard to communicate with your partner sometimes – I get it.  There are emails, texts, BBM’s, phone calls and work questions flying at you all day but a quick check in is needed at the very least.  We have also been extremely open about everything since we met from Cowboy’s past relationship, what we expect from one another and our weekly schedule.  You never want to feel in the dark or unable to communicate how you’re feeling.  From there animosity can build along with frustration, anger and bitterness.  All of these feelings stem from something very small usually like ‘you were late and didn’t call’ which could have been nipped in the bud with a phone call.

Do you agree??


Vibin’ Vixen


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