The BEST Orgasm is….

Women can have many types of orgasms which I didn’t figure out until later in my sex life.  For years the only way I could go was through clitoral stimulation but after lots of trial and error, I’ve found a few other ways (much more intense) to orgasm.

1) Clitoral – duh

2) G-Spot – this a very intense orgasm and a bit harder to orgasm this way for me.  This video shows you all the ins and outs of finding the G-Spot .  Tip: A good way to find the spot is doggie style.

3) Anal – I know I know… took me a while to give in to this one.  I was scared shitless (no pun intended) and wasn’t sure HOW this could possibly feel good.  A few words of advice — lube, lube, lube and more lube.  Also, your partner should be a natural multitasker :-).  The best and most intense orgasm I’ve ever had was a combination of anal and vibrators.  Once the initial penetration is over and it’s ‘in’ it honestly feels good along with clitoral stimulation.

4) Thought Orgasm (this probably isn’t the technical term) – this is when I think about how much I love the person I’m with and and kind of make it all happen in my own head.  It’s kind of crazy how the mind works!

5) Multiple Orgasm – this has only happened to me a handful of times but OMG when it does it’s fantastic!!  I haven’t been able to put my finger on the cause of multiples but I’d like to say having a few drinks helps.  Maybe it’s complete relaxation?

Here are’s thoughts on orgasms.

TIP: Use Shunga Erotic Art’s Secret Garden Orgasm Enhancing Cream and/or Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream to intensify any of the above orgasms!  I’ve tried them both and can’t have sex without them now.  I had one of my ‘multiple orgasms’ with the Secret Garden Cream.

Do you have any amazing orgasms I left out?


Vibin’ Vixen



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2 responses to “The BEST Orgasm is….

  1. Isis Galaxy

    I hear you about the anal orgasm, sister! It can have an unparalled intensity, especially with the right partner (and penis)!

  2. Isis Galaxy

    Would you like to add your thoughts and ideas about what makes fab cunnilingus?

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