Bringing Sexy Back

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Flip through the 2 images in the slideshow above of the lovely Rachel Bilson (one of my favorite style stars).  She’s a trend setter, adorable and effortless in almost every look she puts together.  These looks are distinctly different though, similar to my wardrobe at times – one is very sexy and the other is fashion.  I’ve been recently asking my friends in relationships to see what their man wants them to wear out of the house — and every single one wants them covered up.  I’m the only one left out here — Cowboy wants me in a sexy little number (red if he had his choice) when we go out.  Although he used to be in the fashion industry and understands that there are trends that might not be the most flattering, guys are simple.  He doesn’t want me to look like a $2 hooker, but says to show off my bod and sex it up!  It definitely gets him in the mood when we get home 😉  For all the single ladies reading this — men are easy — if you want to catch the guys eye, sometimes it’s not going to be in the moomoo that happened to be in style that season.   Sometimes trends are not meant to be followed if you have a certain body type.

I think says it best: ‘Men think women look silly at the beginnings stages of fads. Men have their own trends that they follow blindly, but they are subtler. Men tend not to appreciate the newest trends on women until they see them so often that they get used to the new idea and forget the old trends. For example, some men thought skinny jeans made women’s body shape look odd and out of proportion. Now, men love the look and expect to see girls wearing these jeans. However, if women started wearing wide leg jeans again, men would think they look weird until they began to see this fashion trend on more and more women.’

Here are some trends that men hate from –  Jumpsuits, Leggings, UGG boots, Gladiator Sandals, and Tuxedos (on women).

What are your thoughts on this?


Vibin’ Vixen


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