Ice Cream Served By A Vulva

One of my favorite stores to peruse the newest things the sex industry has to offer, Babeland, has gone outside the box again.  I swear their marketing/pr team is made up of geniuses.  Yesterday in NYC they served up free ice cream in front of their Soho and Brooklyn store…..served by the ‘Babeland Vulva’.  What?!  Top toy brand, Jimmy Jane teamed up with Babeland on this endeavor.  I hope it was a success because it was a great idea!

Would you get free ice cream from a vulva?


Vibin’ Vixen


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One response to “Ice Cream Served By A Vulva

  1. Eusi Mto

    I think Babeland’s marketing strategy would be more successful toward someone like me if that vulva were below the waist of a lovely lady. 😛

    But that aside, I’d totally take a drumstick from the Babeland Vulva.

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