Friends w/ Benefits

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis need to get it on!  I love the two of them together…..and can’t wait to see Friends with Benefits.  They caught my attention first at the MTV Movie Awards. And recently they put out this faux public service announcement that flooded the internet.    I’ve had my share of friends with benefits over the years – and emotions always seem to get involved and ruin it, no matter how good the sex.  I can guess that in this movie, Mila and Justin’s characters end up falling in love too.   Do you have a friends with benefits story that didn’t end with one person becoming emotionally attached?  Do tell!


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2 responses to “Friends w/ Benefits

  1. Jen_isis

    I’ve had FWB relationships that have worked for periods of time. I don’t think they can continue indefinitely; it’s the sort of thing that fills a gap at a point during singledom, where neither person has an SO, and it’s very clear to both parties that falling in love w each other isn’t really on the table. Two I can think of in my youth dissolved when the other party made explicit a desire to feel freed up to find someone with whom they could potentially fall in love. However, each lasted several months of occasional (hot) sex & reverted back to platonic friendship. One of them now lives near me & I’m friends with his wife & have babysat their kids. Now that I think of it, the clear “no more sex” line was drawn when he first met the woman who became his wife. I attended their wedding which was probably 15 years ago now.

    My most recent FWB foray was similar – another friend with whom it’s clear there is no In Love on the horizon. We started off in a poly dating context. But she, too, has expressed her desire to fall in love & to be open & available to that. So it has waned as she has focused elsewhere. But that’s not to say it won’t ever happen again!

  2. Sometimes I think people cross paths and the wrong times — when one person is looking for something serious and the other isn’t. Timing is huge! The thing about FWB is that it’s hard to change that status once it is labeled that in your head (or out load if you’re Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis). There are so many statuses it’s so hard!

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