Full House

Over the weekend we babysat my little niece (who is the cutest thing in the whole world) while her parents took a much needed night off.  Cowboy and I loved having a young little spirit in our place but boy was she a handful!  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her for a second and along with the other two kids, we couldn’t give them all the attention they were begging for.  After watching Elmo Potty Time 5 times, cleaning a few diapers and managing to give her a bath it was bed time.  Immediately after she went down, we put the other 2 kids to bed and both of us collapsed on the couch exhausted.  And….Cowboy wants to get frisky.  My niece is sleeping in our room with the door cracked and the other two kids had just gone to bed.  Really??  He couldn’t wait until the next day when our place would be empty?? So, I can’t say no….come on I have a sex blog!  You think I’m going to turn down some action?  We love the thrill of having to be very quiet as to not wake up the baby.  It was a success!

Have you ever gone at it with a full house or kids in a ‘too close for comfort’ distance?


Vibin’ Vixen


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  1. Liz

    I used to be so concerned about house guests hearing us or suspecting that we were doing it. I still try to be discrete about it but I say go at it! Nothing wrong with someone finding out you have a healthy sex life!!!

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