Loose Lips Sink Ships

You all know the saying ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’?  Meaning that blabbing freely may give useful information to someone unintentionally.  For this post, I’ve thought of it for another reason.  In this case, having a loose vagina will sink ships (aka your man’s ship if I must spell it out).  There are thousands of women out there who have gone through significant life changes such as giving birth, menopause and growing older.  After these occurrences, your lady bits might not have the elasticity it once did.

Shunga Erotic Art just launched their solution to this problem and named it ‘Hold Me Tight’.  The Hold Me Tight gel is designed to tone up loose vagina muscles and create a tighter embrace on their partner.  Brilliant!  And best of all, it’s made with natural ingredients with astringent properties which helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections, eliminates unpleasant odor and restores vaginal lubrication.

Hold Me Tight retails for $29.95 (30ml) – BUY IT HERE

This is a much more affordable way around the Vaginoplasty surgury!


Vibin’ Vixen




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