Bangin’ to the 80’s

Normally we get it on without music.  This is never a conscious decision….it just happens that way.  The other night, I decided to play the iPod before we got to banging and just put it on shuffle.  A few minutes into our romp, my stripper song came on.  Followed by all of Cowboy’s favorite hair bands.  It put a bit of a damper (and some humor) onto our bang-fest!  I’ll have to make a playlist we put on for our next time so we don’t get distracted by Quiet Riot’s ‘Come On Feel the Noise’.

Have you ever had an awkward song come on during sex?


Vibin’ Vixen


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One response to “Bangin’ to the 80’s

  1. Neil Diamond. Enough said, no?

    When The Husband and I were dating we had some music on while we were making out and all of a sudden Forever in Blue Jeans comes on and we were like WTF?! So he reached over to change, but when he did it was Sweet Caroline. We just couldn’t help laughing!

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