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Baconlube: Pork Your Partner

J&D’s Food now brings the saying ‘pork your wife’ to fruition.  You can now buy Baconlube – yes that is bacon flavored sexual lubricant for $11.99 plus shipping.  They are calling it ‘the McRib of sex’ — ewwww.  I don’t eat meat, but if I still did I definitely wouldn’t want the smell or taste of bacon NEAR me in the bedroom.

Check out the Baconlube taste test here:



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Clean Up

Sometimes I get bloggers block and have to start digging for topics with my friends.  Last week a good friend of mine was talking about a recent sexcapade she had where lube was added into the mix….a lot of it.  There was also a considerable amount of alcohol involved prior.  She usually doesn’t need lube but she said they were getting crazy and it sounded like a hot idea at the time.  After some crazy (wet) sex they passed out and she woke up to an enflamed, sore vajayjay 😦  This had never happened to her and she wonders ‘do I have a disease’, ‘was I blacked out and we went at it too hard’?  My first question was – what did you do immediately after sex?  Her answer was – fell asleep.  Wrong answer!

I learned this the hard way too and now I am religious about two things after sex:

1) Pee immediately – to prevent a UTI (they are NOT fun)

2) Clean the kitty!  Think about all the lube, cum and god knows what else is on you after having sex.  Then you fall asleep for 8 hours?!  I know that after your orgasm all you want to do is pass the f**k out but you have to take a few moments to wash up.  *Tip – get some baby wipes

Have you ever passed out and woken up to a not so pretty kitty?


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