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Bathroom Sink

Last week we had the kids straight through for a week.  This means, that Cowboy and I barely had a second to sex it up.  Even at night the youngest crawled into our bed scared from watching Friday the 13th.  This would happen at any random time between 11PM and 4AM…..so our chances of getting it on were slim to none.   Then Cowboy got crazy.  While I was putting my face on in the bathroom, he snuck in, locked both doors and stripped down.  Before I knew it he had me up on the sink and we were going at it.  I thought it was so sexy that he took control (and also the risk of being heard or caught by the kids).  Although it was just a few quick minutes, I definitely didn’t need my blush for the day.  Rrrrawwr.

Have you ever gone at while people were within earshot?


Vibin’ Vixen


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