The Glory Hole

Hey guys!!  

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted I’ve been busy with my new job, being married and I guess not having as many interesting stories to share with you because of that!

BUT last night that all changed.  I went to the Pleasure Chest’s 40 Year Anniversary party titled ‘Glory Hole’ last night.  I’ve very tame when it comes to the sex industry – I like whipping out some toys now and then don’t get me wrong.  Last night, I saw it ALL from spanking, dom/sub couples and craziest of all – the Glory Hole.  I’ll let the photos speak for me.  And without further adieu…..

 1. Contortionist – at one point she had her legs around her head!Image

2. Sweet Beats — a mobile DJ spinning all types of 80’s throwbacks!  Great dancing music!Image


3. Loved her outfit!  And cotton candy boobies.



4. GLORY HOLE!  This was a huge enclosed room (I would say about 40 feet x 40 feet) boxed in covered with white fur.  There were about 30 baseball sized holes all around and you could peep on erotic things happening inside.  The first time I peeked it was a large woman masturbating with an extremely large dildo. This is the second time I looked and it was two chicks dressed as werewolves getting it on.  I’m assuming they like being watched…and videotaped by 30+ people.



5. Spanking Station – now THIS would be a fun job.  You could almost feel the sting just watching!! Ouch!Image


6. I loved this couple!  I felt like I was at Carnival!  Image

7. Strippers!  You can’t have a party at the Pleasure Chest without a stripper pole.  This woman in particular could climb that pole like no other.  Image


8. Baby – This guy scared me.  He was dressed up as a baby and this mask looked a little to real…and creepy.Image

So there you have it, folks!! My evening at the Pleasure Chest.  Happy 40th Anniversary!


Vibin’ Vixen







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3 responses to “The Glory Hole

  1. So was peeking through the Glory Hole a turn on to you!? I think my hand would probably start wandering down to my clit if I saw something like that live!

  2. Its really a unique place where you find the unique glory holes.

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